Prescott City Council and Chino Valley Town Council Approve Intergovernmental Agreement for Providing City of Prescott Water to certain commercial properties in Chino Valley

Tuesday April 28, Prescott City Council voted to approve an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with the Town of Chino Valley, which will provide Prescott City water to a number of commercial properties and a church along the Highway 89 corridor in Chino Valley.  Later in the evening, Chino Valley Town Council voted to move forward with the IGA. 

According to Clyde Halstead, with the City’s legal department, this cooperation between the two municipalities will allow businesses in Chino Valley to use the City’s existing infrastructure for water service, providing a vital service the Town requires.    He said that properties connecting to City water service will need to follow the City’s conservation measures, some of the most advanced in the state, including low water use landscaping and low water use fixtures. 

“This is an important step forward in regional cooperation,” said Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli.  “We are hopeful that this is the first step in a long partnership to utilize water wisely for the benefit of our communities and the Active  Management Area as a whole. “

“Prescott’s water lines run directly through Chino Valley’s commercial corridor.  The largest impediment to Chino’s economic growth has been the lack of infrastructure within this corridor, and we felt running dual lines was not a good use of taxpayer dollars.  We appreciate the City of Prescott partnering with the Town to allow us to grow in a responsible fashion,”  said Chino Valley Town Manager Cecilia Grittman..

Once the agreement is finalized, commercial properties in the area would be able to contact the City of Prescott Public Works Department to discuss hookup options.