Preparing for Winter Storm Season

Winter is coming! Although autumn has just arrived, it's not too early to begin preparing for the coming winter storms. The City of Prescott Street Maintenance Division would like to highlight some of the things to keep in mind regarding winter storms.

  • Please check the weather predictions. The National Weather Service and the local news channels frequently update forecasts when winter storms are imminent.
  • Be prepared with medications and supplies to avoid unnecessary driving in inclement weather.
  • Snow plows will remain on major and minor arterial and collector streets as long as snow is falling.
  • Residential streets will be plowed once the arterial and collector streets are accessible.
  • Windrows are unavoidable in snow plowing operations; drivers are not purposely piling snow in front of driveways and mailboxes.
  • While the City of Prescott doesn't prohibit parking on the street during snow storms, snow plowing is most effective when there are no cars parked on the street.
  • If you must park on the street, keep in mind that parked cars obstruct the removal of snow and impede the placement of snow that has been removed from the street, especially on cul-de-sacs and other streets with only one access point.
  • Ice may be present at any time for several days after a winter storm. Please exercise caution in areas that remain shaded and on bridges or other areas where ice is likely to be found.
  • Plan extra time for travel and use caution at all times in winter driving conditions.

For more information contact the Street Maintenance Division at 928.777.1126.