Plow and Road Conditions Morning March 1, 2023

Good morning all,

At this time all of the main arterial and major collectors are passable. We are beginning to see some accumulations on these streets, but as of yet no significant snowpack, or icy conditions. There is some light accumulations being reported on some of the local residential streets by our operators in the higher terrain.

Please keep in mind that current forecasts are calling for heavy snow, particularly between 11:00 a.m. this morning, and 10:00 p.m. tonight along with gusty winds. The National Weather Service, (NWS), is warning of extremely difficult, to near impossible travel conditions, and has issued a Winter Weather Warning for 8:00 a.m. this morning through 5:00 a.m. Thursday morning.

As always during these types of weather conditions, we ask that you DO NOT TRAVEL UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. This helps to keep traffic volumes lower, which helps our plowing operations be more effective. This also helps emergency service crews with lower call volume and faster response times. If you must travel, please remember these tips; SLOW DOWN, allow at least 6 car lengths between you and the vehicles ahead of you. Allow for plenty of extra time to travel to your destination. Allow plenty of extra braking distance when approaching intersections and brake gently. Remember to accelerate gently when entering an intersection or ascending up a hill, or incline in the roadway.

We again ask that, if you get stuck in the snow or ice, that you DO NOT ABANDON YOUR VEHICLE. Please turn on your hazard lights, exit the vehicle to a safe distance, and call for a tow truck or some other means of removing your vehicle from the roadway. Leaving a vehicle in the roadway creates a hazard for other travelers, emergency service vehicles, and plow trucks alike.

We again thank you for your cooperation during these challenging winter storm events, as we work to clear the streets City wide.

Brian Scott, Street Maintenance Superintendent

City of Prescott administrative offices and services remain open. If weather conditions deteriorate this afternoon as predicted, there may be reduced staff available for services like Community Development and Utility Billing.  Please continue to monitor social media and the City website for updates early this afternoon.