Plow and Road Conditions Afternoon March 2, 2023

Good afternoon everyone,

Wow!! Amazing what 6 hours of heavy snow can do to our roadways. Even more amazing what a few hours of sunshine can do with that snow.

That said, at this time all the main arterial and collector streets are clear and completely passable, although there are some that remain wet, or are draining snow melt.

Street Maintenance crews continue work to clear local residential streets, and will continue with these operations throughout the day and well into the evening hours.

As remaining areas freeze over, crews will transition into treating icy and snow packed areas, as plowing becomes ineffective when it is frozen. Another snow crew will report for duty tomorrow morning to retreat areas that need it, and to continue with any mop-up operations that remain. We ask that you continue to drive with caution, as there will be areas of ice and snowpack, particularly during the overnight and early morning hours.  

With that we again thank all of our residents, visitors and city partners for your patience, cooperation and help during this, and all of the recent winter weather.

Thank you very much!!

Brian Scott, Street Maintenance Superintendent