Parking Fees at City Trailheads and Lakes to Change February 26, 2016

Parking fees at city trailheads and certain other locations will be adjusted effective February 26, 2016. Watson Lake, Willow Lake, Goldwater Lake, and the Sundog Ranch Peavine trailhead currently require payment of a daily parking fee, either through a single-day or multi-visit pass. Fees will be adjusted as follows.

Annual Pass (one visit per day): Current Fee – $80.00 New Fee – $100.00

40 visit pass: Current Fee – $40.00 New Fee – $ 60.00

10 visit pass: Current Fee – $10.00 New Fee – $ 20.00

Daily Parking Fee: Current Fee – $ 2.00 New Fee – $ 3.00

Daily fees can be paid at the listed parks via parking kiosks. Annual and multi-visit parking passes are available for purchase from the Recreation Services Department, located at 824 E. Gurley Street, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Wednesday's will continue to be free parking days. Annual and multi-visit passes purchased prior to the price adjustment remain valid until expired or fully used.

For more information, please contact the Recreation Services Department at 777-1121.