Over the Hill Gang Honors Chris Hosking for Work on Prescott Circle Trail

Members of the volunteer Over the Hill Gang commemorated completion of one stretch of the 54-Mile Prescott Circle Trail at the trailhead of the Turley Trail, by awarding a plaque to Prescott Trails and Natural Parklands Coordinator Chris Hosking for his longtime dedication to the trail.

Calling it a “Golden Spike” moment, Over the Hill Gang mmember Jim Lohay presented the plaque, which consisted of items found by gang members on the trail during construction, including an old railroad spike, a piece of barbed wire a bolt and a horseshoe. Each item was found when the group was building the trail, including moving rocks, dealing with wire fences and clearing brush.

Hosking accepted the plaque on behalf of all those who had helped build the trail over the past 25 years, including city employees who had to fill out a lot of paperwork to get the necessary permissions and permits to build the trail on land owned by other entities, including the Prescott National Forest, Yavapai County, Embry-Riddle and private property.