Ongoing City Negotiations with Arizona Eco Development (AED)

The City of Prescott Negotiating Team has been working closely with AED since the adoption of the Letter of Intent related to the proposed Development Agreement & Annexations last fall. A proposed Development Agreement is in the draft phases as proposed by AED and Prescott City Council has agreed to meet in Executive Session on a weekly basis as necessary to get all of the details of the proposal worked out before presenting to the public for a comment period and study session meeting before the DA is voting on by Council.

“It is important that we continue to move this forward expediently,” said Mayor Greg Mengaraelli. “I am proud of the work that our negotiating team has done up until this point. Now it’s time for us to finalize this draft agreement, so that we can get it in front of our citizens for review and comment.”

The first of these weekly meetings will take place, Tuesday March 16th.    For more information about AED Negotiations, go to the City website, Prescott-az.Gov, and click on AED Annexation from the home page.