No Hot Ashes in Trash – Residential Containers

The Solid Waste Division has a few reminders for residential collection customers:

Be safe with hot ashes and coals. All residential trash and recycle cart lids are stamped “No Hot Ashes”.  Improperly discarded ashes and charcoal pose a fire risk, and if placed in your cart, can jeopardize the safety of your home, our truck drivers and transfer station workers.  Too frequently, some customers burn up their trash carts by disposing of hot ashes from their fireplace in their cart. Hot ashes can result in a fire, destroying your trash cart or worse, spark a home fire if the cart is located near the house. Hot coals or ashes that end up in the garbage truck have the potential to spark a horrific fire. Fireplace ashes should be cooled and stored in a heavy, fire resistant metal container with a tight-fitting cover. They should never be disposed of in a plastic garbage bag, cardboard box or  paper grocery bag.

Follow these tips for safe disposal of ashes and used charcoal:

  • Allow charcoal and wood to burn out completely. Let ashes cool at least 48 hours.
  • Dispose of cold ashes by wrapping them in heavy-duty aluminum foil and placing in your trash cart.
  • If you must dispose of ashes before they are completely cooled, soak them in water and then place them in heavy-duty foil.
  • Be sure no other combustible materials are near the cart where the ashes have been disposed.


For more information contact the Transfer Station at (928) 777-1116.