No-cost Wood Chips Available at City Transfer Station

Loads of brush that are brought in to the Transfer Station are off-loaded by customers in a designated area, and evaluated by City personnel to make sure they are free of contamination by construction debris. The clean material is ground to 2" wood chips, which can be used for decorative landscape cover, erosion control, and helps control weed and plant growth without the use of herbicides. Ground cover also helps conserve soil moisture and keep soil temperatures more moderate during extremely hot or cold weather. Although every effort is made to remove contamination, trace amounts of debris may occasionally be present in the finished product.

The processed wood chips are available to the public at no charge at the City's Transfer Station on 2800 Sundog Ranch Road, Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m (check in at the scale house prior to loading). Release of the material is on a first come/first served basis, and the customer will need to load their own material. Loading help for large trailers or trucks may be arranged ahead of time by calling to verify availability. All loads must be contained and covered before leaving the Transfer Station. Please bring adequate materials and tie downs to properly contain and cover your load.

This is just one of the recycling programs the Solid Waste Division has for diverting material from the landfill. Please look for other opportunities to recycle on our website.

For more information contact the Transfer Station at 928.777.1116.