Inert Debris Accepted at City of Prescott Transfer Station

The City of Prescott Solid Waste Transfer Station allows residents, contractors and businesses to bring inert material into the Transfer Station at a discounted rate of $15 per ton.

All inert loads are required to meet the standards in Arizona Revised Statue 49-701.15:

(a) Means material that satisfies all of the following conditions: (i) Is not flammable. (ii) Will not decompose. (iii) Will not leach substances in concentrations that exceed applicable aquifer water quality standards prescribed by section 49-201, paragraph 20 when subjected to a water leach test that is designed to approximate natural infiltrating waters. (b) Includes concrete, asphaltic pavement, brick, rock, gravel, sand, soil and metal, if used as reinforcement in concrete, but does not include special waste, hazardous waste, glass or other metal. Loads that contain any contaminants including will be charged full price as solid waste, $63 per ton.

Please remember to contain and cover all loads that are being brought in.

For further information, contact the City of Prescott Transfer Station at (928) 777-1116.