Hiker in the Dells Suffered Leg Injury After a Fall from a Rock

At about 1:45 PM on Wednesday, June 7th, Prescott Regional Communications Center received a 911 call from a 37 year-old female that was hiking in the Granite Dells area of Prescott and fell off of a rock. The patient stated that she had an injury to her right lower leg that was bleeding significantly. The Prescott Fire Dept., Yavapai County Sheriff‘s Office and Lifeline Ambulance were dispatched to locate and assist the patient off of the Flume Trail in Prescott. A YCSO deputy was the first to make contact and communicated the injury back to the fire department and he also placed a tourniquet on the patient’s right leg. Paramedics were able to reach the patient quickly and she was given medication to help ease the pain, placed in a stokes basket and then extricated out of the Dells. The entire extrication process took a little over an hour and the patient was flown down to Honor Health, Deer Valley for further evaluation.

The next week has several days of forecasted temperatures in the high 70s to mid 80s and it is very important, when hiking, to expect the unexpected. Bring more water than you think you would need, a charged cell phone, clothes appropriate for the situation and snacks, if needed. If you do find yourself out of water or needing assistance, calling 911 is your best bet. It is also vitally important that once we make a determination of your exact location, you stay put in that area so the fire department personnel can make it easier contact with you.