Granite Creek Park and a Number of Low Water Crossings Closed Due to Continued Rainfall

PRESCOTT, AZ (March 21, 2023 4:30 p.m.)–The City of Prescott has closed Granite Creek Park, and a number of streets that have low water crossings, due to high water levels from the ongoing rains.    

Here is a current list of low water crossings that are closed.   

Booker St. (aka West St) @ Miller creek (Just off Gail Gardner) 
Cherry St. @ Hope St. (Granite creek) 
Clearwater Dr. @ Willow creek 
Fern Dr. @ Mabel Ln. 
First St. @ Merritt Ave (Granite Creek) 
Forest Hylands Rd. @ Granite creek (just off White Spar) 
Goodwin St. @ Rush St. 
Granite St. @ Granite creek (APS entrance) 
Hillside Ave. east of 2nd St. 
Horizon Hills @ Pleasant Valley Dr 
Jack Dr. @ Pleasant Valley Dr. (Willow creek) 
Leroux St @ Granite creek ( @ Granite St.) 
Lincoln St. @ Grove Ave. just east (Miller creek) 
Mayo St. @ Miller creek ( between Oregon Ave & Keen St.) 
Merritt Ave @ 5th St. (just east) 
Middlebrook Rd @ Aspen creek ( west of Highland Ave) 
Middlebrook Rd @ Poplar Dr. 
Oregon Ave @ Downer Trl ( Miller creek) 
Peace Ln. east of Gail Gardner Wy 
Pleasant Valley Dr. & La Questa 
Poplar Dr @ Aspen creek 
Rush St. north of Goodwin St. 
Sheldon St @ Butte creek ( @ Garden St) 
Sixth St. @ Granite Creek 
Sunset Ave @ Miller creek ( north of Fair St) 
Swenson St. at dead end 
Washington Ave in Roughrider Park 
Western Ave @ Sanctuary Rd 
Willow St @ Butte creek (@ Western Ave) 
Willow Creek Ln west of Willow Creek Rd 

The City of Prescott will continue to monitor water levels in the coming days and will reopen locations when they are deemed to be safe for crossing. Motorists are urged NOT enter low water crossings when there is flow over the road.