Electrical Accident Closes Goodwill Store on Iron Springs Rd

Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority’s Engine 51 ran an EMS response to the Goodwill store on Iron Springs shortly after 10am this past Friday morning for a report of a man with burn injuries.  Upon arrival the crew found a man in his 30’s with second and third degree burns to the upper portion of his body.  The injured man had been conducting repairs involving the electrical panel of the business when he experienced a flash fire while working at the fuse panel.  The injured man was stabilized and flown to the Valleywise Burn Unit in Phoenix.  His status is unknown at the time of this writing.  Goodwill will remain closed for business until the City of Prescott Building Department and Goodwill can ensure safety and proper function of their electrical system.

In light of this unfortunate electrical accident, Prescott Fire Department would like to remind everyone of some electrical safety measures that should be followed at home. Avoid overloading outlets with plugs. Be sure to inspect cords for damage prior to use. Do not run cords under mats or rugs. Replace frayed or damaged cords immediately and do not overload circuits.