Drinking Water Week May 3-9

Water – You rely on it daily, but what do you really know about it? There is so much more to water in Prescott than you realize! This is a great week to recognize the vital role water plays in our daily lives, from household use to public health to fire protection, and remember that we all play a part in living WaterSmart.

The majority of the City of Prescott water comes from six (6) wells in Chino Valley. Plus two (2) additional wells have been drilled near the City Airport to help meet existing and future demands.
The water is then pumped from the Chino Valley well field into a five (5) million gallon reservoir at the Chino Production Facility and, from there, pumps convey it to Prescott via high-pressure water mains.

Once the water makes it to Prescott, thirty (30) water storage tanks/reservoirs, which contain up to thirty-four (34) million gallons of storage, and thirty-eight (38) booster stations are maintained to provide water throughout more than sixty-six (66) pressure zones that serve the City.
Wow, that sounds complicated! But due to the mountainous terrain in Prescott, the City has developed a water distribution system to provide water to all of our customers and residents. The City's water quality is excellent, requires very little treatment, and is monitored daily to ensure the highest quality.

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Click here for the 2014 Annual Drinking Water Quality and Consumer Confidence Report (2015 report will be published soon).