Development Agreement with Arizona Eco Development (AED) Passed by Prescott City Council

The Prescott City Council yesterday unanimously approved the Development Agreement with Arizona Eco Development (AED), putting into motion a series of  steps that will ultimately ensure that approximately 475 acres of prime Granite Dells property will become open space, owned by the City of Prescott for public use.  The agreement will also provide 270 acres of land near Prescott Regional Airport, to allow for future expansion of the growing airport.

There were 10 individual motions, which included approval of the development agreement, two annexations, and rezoning provisions. Each of the motions passed 7-0.

For more information about the approved development agreement including the full agreement, and other important provisions, go to the City website, Prescott-az.Gov, and click on AED Annexation from the home page. 

For a video of today’s proceedings go to City of Prescott Facebook Page,  click on Videos.