City to remove Courtesy Carry-Out Parking Signs

With the Mayor recently rescinding the COVID-19 emergency proclamation, the moratorium on enforcing the temporary sign code will also end effective April 15, 2021.   This moratorium was enacted in March of 2020 to allow businesses to be more flexible in communicating operational changes due to the pandemic.

On March 29, 2021, the Mayor rescinded the Emergency Proclamation that had been in place since March 17, 2020.   He cited the declining case numbers of COVID-19, and the increasing rate of vaccinations in Yavapai County and across Arizona.

Therefore, enforcement of the City of Prescott Land Development Code Sections 6.12.5.(B)(1(a)(b)&(c) will resume, effective April 15, 2021.  This means that temporary signs such as banners, a-frame and other signs will be subject to City inspection and time limitations.

For information about the temporary sign code, go to!/PrescottLDC/PrescottLDC06.html#6.12.

In addition, the City will remove all of the temporary restaurant carryout parking signs, on April 15.  Restaurants have been notified, and one of the two signs has already been removed. The second and final signs will be removed April 15.  In 2020, 34 restaurants took advantage of the signs, which were provided as a courtesy by the City of Prescott Public Works Department, to allow for carry out dining during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“Now that the emergency proclamation has been rescinded, and with continually improving numbers, we think it’s time to free up those parking spaces for general use,” said City Manager Michael Lamar.


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