City Planning for Large Attendance at March 26 Meeting

Council Chambers have Limited Capacity

Library Founders Suite will be used for overflow

City staff are planning for a large turnout at the City Council meeting on March 26, and are taking steps to accommodate as many citizens as possible.  They caution that there will be a limited capacity, and that the meeting can be viewed remotely from home. The reason is that the Save the Dells organization has called for a “Citizen’s Assembly” at City Hall to witness the meeting. 

Community Outreach Manager John Heiney said that the City is doing all it can to accommodate the expected assembly.  “Council Chambers has a legal capacity limit of 150 people,” said Heiney.  “The City has made arrangements to place overflow crowds in the Library Founder’s Suite, which has a capacity of 110.  We ask that everyone be mindful of the fact that City hall will be conducting regular business during the meeting, and that attendees allow citizens to come and go freely as needed.”

City Manager Michael Lamar pointed out that the agenda item is not the City’s final determination on the matter of Arizona Eco Development. “The item on the agenda for Tuesday was brought forward by the Save the Dells group, and is independent of Arizona Eco’s annexation application request.  In fact, the application must still go through several public meetings, including Planning and Zoning Commission review before Council consideration.  In terms of a realistic time frame for Council’s review of the application, we are months away.”

Here are some other important facts for the March 26 Council meeting:

  • There will be public comment allowed, for a period of two minutes maximum per person.  Anyone who wants to speak must complete a comment card, which will be available inside the Council Chambers.
  • The City will not permit signs, banners or backpacks inside City Hall for safety reasons.
  • There will be a Study Session beginning at 1 p.m. The Voting Session will begin at 3 p.m.  If people arrive before 3 p.m. we ask that they remain in the hallway until the Voting meeting begins. If they choose to enter the Study Session, we ask that they are as quiet as possible so as not to disrupt the meeting.
  • There are two large screens in the City Hall lobby. We ask that viewers be aware that City Hall is open for regular business, and that they do not obstruct ingress and egress points.

For those who want to view the meeting remotely, here are some options:

1. Watch LIVE on Channel 64 or LIVE STREAMING via Prescott Media Center at

2. Facebook Live at Prescott Media Center

3. Go back to  anytime to stream the meeting

To view the meeting agenda, go to Prescott-AZ.Gov.