City of Prescott Works With Keep America Beautiful to Reinforce Recycling Message

The City of Prescott is working with Keep Amercia Beautiful, to remind citizens about what is recyclable and what is not. The program provides information about items that are recyclable, and those that are not.

“We are reaching out because we need citizens’ help to follow these guidelines and place the items from the list below, without bagging, in their bins,” said William Black, Solid Waste Superintendent. “We have worked with Keep America Beautiful to share an informative flier and educational program.”

The campaign is called “Top 10 In The Bin”. These items that are recyclable include:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Paper
  3. Food Boxes
  4. Mail
  5. Jugs
  6. Beverage Cans
  7. Food Cans
  8. Glass Bottles
  9. Glass and plastic jars
  10. Plastic Bottles

Some items that are not recyclable curbside:

  1. Plastic shopping bags. Try returning these to the store they came from, or reusing them.
  2. Electronics-These items can be dropped off at the City’s Transfer Station.
  3. Clothes and Textiles- Donate these to a local thrift store or appropriate charity organization.

To learn more, call the City of Prescott Solid Waste Division at 928-777-1116 or visit, and click on City Services/Trash.