City of Prescott Water Resource Management and the Prescott Public Library Revitalize Rainwater Harvesting Tank

In 2018, City of Prescott Water Resource Management and Prescott Public Library staff teamed up to revitalize the library’s rain barrel and put rainwater harvesting into action. The City of Prescott advocates for water conservation and education, and the library’s new rainwater harvesting system provides an opportunity to show the public how to be WaterSmart.

Rainwater is collected from the library roof into a 1,000 gallon cistern located near the courtyard. An underground pipe was installed below the gate, leading to the courtyard where library staff has developed an educational garden to provide hands-on nature learning opportunities for the community.

“Children in the library’s Outdoors Explorer Club dig in the garden, examine the bugs, and plant the crops. We measure plant growth and use the whole growing process as an educational experience. We also explore aspects of the water cycle, why the cistern collects water, and how to use the water wisely. It has been an excellent teaching tool!” Amy Finston, Youth Services Librarian.

Four advantages of harvesting rainwater:

  • Protects watersheds by slowing runoff and reducing impurities into local streams and reservoirs
  • Reduces reliance on potable supplies for outdoor irrigation
  • Rainwater is naturally soft which helps maintain healthy plants and soils
  • Saves money on water bills in the summer months by reducing outdoor consumption

The City encourages everyone to do their part and be WaterSmart! If you are interested in adding a rainwater harvesting cistern to your own home, please check out the Water Conservation Rebate Program at

Please contact Leah Hubbard, Water Resource Specialist, at 928-777-1645 or Amy Finston, Youth Services Librarian, at 928-777-1511.