City of Prescott Trails Reach Century Mark in Miles

The City of Prescott has achieved a milestone in its trail network.  As of June 1, City of Prescott trails have reached 100 miles in total length.  This has been achieved through continuous trail building, and the efforts of staff and dozens of volunteers.

City Recreation Services staff, GIS the Community Restitution program and the Volunteer Ranger programs have and continue to add tremendously to the day to day upkeep of these 100 miles and 2400 acres of Natural Parkland.

City trail visits continue to increase, with over 800,000 annually.  Some examples of annual total visits include:  Peavine Trail, over 75,000,   Constellation Trail, over 48,000,  Greenways Trails, over 140,000 .

Prescott Trails/Natural Parklands Coordinator Chris Hosking said there’s more to come.  “We have another 60 + miles planned in the city, and many more with our partnership with the Prescott National Forest.”

Hosking said this couldn’t have been achieved without the help of volunteers.  “In 2007,  I had half a dozen guys who worked with the Forest Service Over the Hill Gang who wanted to help me with the Willow Dells Trails.  Since then we have gone from strength to strength with probably 200 OTHG members on the email list, with about 60 active in trail building. We currently get about 9000 hours of volunteer time from the OTHG annually.”

Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli said this is a significant milestone.   “One of the center pieces to Prescott’s outdoor amenities is our trails.  Improving and expanding this trail system is a never-ending endeavor for the city’s Recreation Services Department.  We applaud their efforts, along with our volunteer friends from the Over The Hill Gang.”

More information about all City trails can be found at  Or call Recreation Services at 928-777-1121.