City of Prescott to Host Open House for 2025 General Plan and Historic Preservation Master Plan August 30th at 3 p.m.

Citizens are invited to an open house informational meeting about the City of Prescott 2025 General Plan and Historic Preservation Master Plan, on Wednesday, August 30 from 3 to 6 PM, at the Rowle P. Simmons Adult Center, at 1280 E. Rosser Street. City staff will provide information and are requesting input on challenges and opportunities related to Circulation (movement of people, goods, and services), Economic Development, types of Housing, Land Use, and Public Facilities and Services.

The City of Prescott General Plan is a policy guide and provides a vision of what the City will become in 10 years. To guide us into these potential futures, the Prescott General Plan provides:

  • A collaborative community vision;
  • A collection of goals and policies to achieve that vision;
  • A tool for decision makers, developers, businesses, and citizens; and
  • A framework for general planning.

The current General Plan was adopted in 2015 and needs to be updated every 10 years. A reevaluation and calibration of goals and policies is necessary to ensure Prescott continues to grow in a sustainable way.

The City of Prescott Historic Preservation Master Plan was last adopted in 1998 and the goal of this project to have an up-to-date Master Plan that provides guidance for staff, Preservation Commissioners, developers, architects, and homeowners.  Additionally, the end-product will be a plan formatted to allow for more frequent updates without having to undergo a major project or expense.  This includes:

  • Update the plan to reflect changes or additions to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards and Treatments for Historic Properties.
  • Incorporate newer districts that have never been in the Master Plan.
  • Incorporate an Archaeology section.
  • Reformat to streamline and make more useful to property owners, staff, and Commissioners.
  • Public outreach and incorporation of the results of such.
  • Publication of digital drafts of plan and limited printing for public outreach and review.
  • Launch Plan through Web-based applications and Arches data management platform.

For more information about the 2025 General Plan, including updates and a community survey, go to