City of Prescott Response to COVID-19

Earlier today the Mayor of the City of Prescott signed Proclamation of Emergency, resolution number 2716, which is attached to this document.   He later hosted a press conference to update the public about the community response to COVID-19 and the various guidelines that have been handed down from Federal and State agencies in recent days.  The Mayor’s guests were Leslie Horton, Director of Yavapai County Community Health Services, John Amos, CEO of Yavapai Regional Medical Center, along with his Chief Medical Officer Anthony Torres and Chief Nursing Office Diane Drexler, and Sheri Heiney, President of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce.  

Below is a comprehensive list of city services and how they will change.  All changes will be in place until further notice, unless otherwise noted.

  1. City Boards and Commissions
    1. Council meetings will not have an in-person audience.  Meetings will be live streamed through various channels.  Council members will be present to conduct the meeting.   Meetings will be aired on Channel 64, and Facebook Live.  Questions will be allowed to be submitted online, in advance of the meeting.  An email link will be developed and made available. A concerted effort will be made to delay consideration of issues with widespread community interest
    1. All non-essential boards and commission meetings will be suspended.
    1. A separate detailed press release was sent out earlier today on this.
  • Police
    • The Police lobby is closed; phone and online reporting is offered as an alternative for reporting crimes.  A separate press release was sent out earlier today about this. 
    • The Citizen on Patrol volunteer program will be suspended until further notice.
  • Fire
    • All fire stations are closed to the public.
    • Increased sanitization of trucks and surfaces inside stations has commenced and will continue.
    • The Prescott Fire Department is working with YRMC and the County to create on-call medic for phone triage to determine appropriate patient transfer protocols.
  • Prescott Public Library
    • Prescott Public Library will be closed to public access Tuesday, March 17.  Basic curbside service will begin 10 a.m. Friday, March 20.  Curbside Services will be available Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • All library programming and uses of community meeting rooms are suspended until April 13.
    •  Services to be reevaluated by April 13
    • Ask a Librarian telephone reference is available currently.  Services will be available Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
    • Late fees accrued until situation improves and regular library service resumes will be waived.
    • Due dates will be extended.
    • A separate press release was sent on March 16 about this.
  • Recreation Services/Facilities
    • Beginning Tuesday, March 17 through Sunday, May 10, 2020, or as determined:
      • CANCELLED– All Special Events scheduled within the Prescott limits
      • CANCELLED– All Park reservations.
      • CANCELLED– All organized team sports, leagues, tournaments and user groups, to include City Adult Volleyball leagues
      • CLOSED– Rowle P. Simmons Adult Center
      • CLOSED– Centennial Center
      • CLOSED– All Park Ramadas
    • The following locations will remain open, however, the general public is encouraged to practice good hygiene, hand washing and practice social distancing. General public is discouraged from gatherings of 10 or more people.
      • OPEN– All athletic fields will remain open at this time (with the exception of Willow Creek field, Lower Bill Vallely field, and Kuebler field), but not for structured practices or gatherings. Reservations will not be taken during this timeframe.
      • OPEN– Pickleball Courts will remain open, however, every other court will be locked
      • OPEN- Parks, lakes and playgrounds will remain open.
      • OPEN– Antelope Hills Golf Course will remain open.
      • All parking fees at City of Prescott recreational facilities, parks and trails are waived during this timeframe
  • Utility Billing
    • The City is encouraging online and phone bill payment.  PSAs are circulating on all radio stations to encourage citizens to find alternative ways to monitor and pay their bills.
    • This includes:
      • Reviewing your water usage
      • Starting service at a new address
      • Signing up for automatic payment of your utility bill
      • Or just paying your current bill
      • If you have questions, or do not have access to the internet, we would be glad to assist you over the phone at 928-777-1291
  • Public Works
    • Trash collection will continue as normal
    • Transfer station will remain open. Please be respectful of the City’s attendant by using best hygiene practices.
    • The Streets Department will provide signs for restaurants “Reserved, Curbside Pickup 15 Min. Parking”.  The Communications Department will send a notification and Public Works will take sign orders and will place two per restaurants upon request.
  • Community Development
    • The City is still accepting paper plans at the counter at this time. Again, please be respectful of the City’s permit technicians by using best hygiene practices.  Community Development will display notices that an electronic version of ALL plan submittals will be required as of Monday, March 30   There will be an option for electronic submissions soon.
    • Inspections will continue without interruption.
    • Incidental status inquiries (building permits, plan review, zoning questions) are requested via front counter signage and other messaging to be performed by phone or email (i.e. NOT in person if at all possible). 
  • Airport
    • Commercial flights are continuing through United Expess, operated by SkyWest Airlines.
    • The Airport is taking extra cleaning precautions and deep cleaning areas between flights.
    • The Airport is following FAA guidelines for passenger safety.
    • New terminal construction continues
  1. Human Resources
    1. The City is cancelling training, or providing remote options.
    1. In-Person Recruitment/Selection suspended.  Online or phone interviews only.
    1. No walk in job applications. Online only.
    1. Each department is working through/on plans to have non-essential personnel work from home.
    1. Employee Leave:
      1. Employees that are ill (not COVID-19) must stay home and use existing leave banks.
      1. Emergency leave bank provided for employees and/or family members who contract COVID-19 (no use of personal banks).  If at home family members have virus – employee must self-quarantine. City Manager goal is to make employees whole whenever they are affected by virus.

The video of today’s press conference can be found on the City’s Facebook Page, and at on the COVID-19 resource page.  You can also stream on demand at