City of Prescott Response to COVID-19 Effective May 11, 2020

In light of the Governor’s updated Executive Orders, the City of Prescott will begin re-opening and moving back toward full operation.   This will be an incremental process.  Below is a comprehensive list of city services and how they will change. 

  1. City Hall Re-Opening

    1. Effective May 11 at 8 a.m., Prescott City Hall will reopen.  Additional cleaning and sanitizing will be performed during business hours and measures will be implemented to encourage social distancing.  Additional clear barriers will be installed at counters to reduce risk to citizens and staff.
  • Community Development/Building Permits

    • The Community Development Department front counter will remain restricted to public access until the installation of physical barriers has been completed. FOR SUBMITTALS: The intake and processing in of permit applications, plan review re-submits, and other project related documentation will continue to be ELECTRONIC via our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site (links below), which is available for upload of PDF versions of plan sets, permit applications, site/plot plans, and any other documents required for submittal. Paper submittals are highly discouraged, as there will be a mandatory 72-hour quarantine of all paper submissions, which will delay intake and review. The collection bin for paper submittals is being relocated from the entry vestibule off the parking lot to the bottom of the steps up to the Community Development lobby. 
    • The ELECTRONIC submittal system for permitting, plan review, engineering permits, fire plan services, and planning & zoning projects is accessible at the following links:

Building Permits

Planning & Zoning Projects

Engineering Permits

Please see full instructions for Electronic Submittals and use of our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) portal at:

Should you require the option to submit printed, paper materials, remember there will be a 72-hour quarantine on all paper submittal materials. The submittal bin will be located in the City Hall lobby, near the base of the steps up to the Community Development counter. 

  • Use any of the following emails (based on the type of request or issue) to ask a question, submit zoning questions, or to gain assistance from a team member with your project, permit, or plans:  

  • Resources to assist customers with Building, Fire, or Public Works permits, plan review re-submits, and exchange of planning project materials are available on the City’s website.

Permit applications of all types can be accessed at:

Electronic submittals are prioritized; please read Electronic Submittal instructions carefully to avoid delays with your permit or project, and feel free to call or email (addresses above) with any questions. Responses to inquiries usually occur the same day submitted, but within 24 hours in any event. 

Any permit deposits due will be temporarily deferred at the time of submittal; staff members will contact applicants with more information as intake of your application proceeds. Permit processing will take place by the permitting staff as usual.

PERMIT ISSUANCE will be transferred to by appointment only, and payment processing and issuance will take place at our drive-up permit locations in the one-way alley on the east side of City Hall. Look for signage and barricades identifying appropriate parking locations. Please only utilize the drive-up services area if you have already scheduled an appointment, so as not to disrupt the scheduled appointment(s) of other customers. 

Please contact the Community Development Department at 928-777-1371 for further guidance or questions, or to schedule a permit issuance appointment. Zoning questions can be submittal by email (address above) or by phone to 928-777-1207. Email submission for all inquiries offers the fastest handling and response.

  • City Boards and Commissions

    • City Council Meetings will remain closed to an in-person audience for the May 12th meeting.  Staff is working on a solution for allowing minimized in-person attendance by the public, keeping social distancing requirements in mind, moving forward.  Council Meetings will be aired on Channel 64, and Facebook Live.  Questions will be allowed to be submitted online, in advance of the meeting at the following link: A concerted effort will be made to delay consideration of issues with widespread community interest.
  • City of Prescott Board, Commissions & Committees will conduct meetings via Zoom for the month of May and staff is working on a solution for allowing minimized in-person attendance by the public, keeping social distancing requirements in mind, beginning in June.
  • Police
  • All critical police operations continue as normal. The Police lobby is open 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; additional sanitization and safe distancing practices have been implemented. Phone and online reporting remains an available alternative for convenience and safety of members of the community. Property and Evidence is available by appointment; to schedule call (928-777-1930 or 928-777-1931) or email   Community outreach events will resume in the coming weeks/months, or will be held virtually.
  • Fire
  1. All critical Fire Department operations are continuing.  All fire stations are closed to the public.  Increased sanitization of trucks and surfaces inside stations has commenced and will continue.
    1. The Prescott Regional Communications Center has initiated actions on all E-911 calls to provide for added questioning of caller as it relates to the current COVID-19 pandemic as suggested by the CDC.
    1. More in-depth triaging of emergency medical service call types is taking place which is using an on-duty paramedic to provide more intense screening for those calls with symptoms that are common with COVID-19 virus. This was initiated to provide for a right sized response or in some cases ensure the wellness of our first responders.
  • Public Works

The Public Works Offices will re-open to public access on Monday May 11, at 8:00 a.m. Please call (928) 777-1130 for questions and information. All essential services staff will continue operating as scheduled.

  1. Measures will be implemented to encourage social distancing, and wearing of masks for citizens and staff. 
  2. Additional clear barriers will be installed at counters to reduce risk to citizens and staff.
  3. Trash collection will continue as normal.  The Transfer Station is open normal business hours of 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Saturday.  Please be respectful of the City’s attendant by using best hygiene practices.
  4. The Streets Division will continue to provide signs for restaurants upon request “Reserved, Curbside Pickup 15 Min. Parking”.  Public Works will take sign orders at 928-777-1130 and will place two per restaurant.

All City construction projects are continuing as scheduled.