City of Prescott Reports No Wastewater Entering Surface Water

Granite Creek Park Remains Closed for Testing and Cleanup

As of Noon on March 23, 2023, no wastewater was entering into the surface waterways. However, Granite Creek Park will remain closed until crews can complete inspection, clean-up and disinfection of the area.  Citizens are urged to obey signs and stay out of posted closure areas. Walking or driving through contaminated areas can spread the contamination and could extend the park closure.  Once testing shows that the park is safe for the public, it will be reopened. 

The City of Prescott continues to monitor the dams and flows in the creeks in the area.  Flows are subsiding however they are still higher than normal flows.  Release of water from the Willow Creek  Dam (Willow Lake) and Granite Creek Dam (Watson Lake) will continue until the lake levels return to safe levels.   

Low water crossing closures are still in effect in some areas and will remain closed until the flows have stopped over topping the crossings.  Please see the list below for current closures. 

  • Lincoln St

  • N Granite St 

  • Sunset 

  • Joseph @ Cheery

  • Clearwater @ Robin 

Crews are inspecting other infrastructure throughout the region, so temporary closures may occur, unannounced.  Please allow our Public Works crews to do their work so we can ensure the safety of the public.  If you see any damage as the water recedes, please do not hesitate to call 928-777-1130. 

The City will release further information as it becomes available.  This message and future updates will be made available on the city website at, and on the City’s social media Instagram @CityofPrescottAZ. 

 Here are some important messages in cooperation the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality: 

  • Do not enter, wade, swim or fish in area waterways until further notice. 
  • Untreated wastewater associated with sewer overflows can harm your health. Sewerage overflows carry pathogens, bacteria, and other compounds that pose a risk to public health and the environment.  

For more information contact:
Public Works Department at