City of Prescott Receives Over $258,000 in Emergency Reimbursement For February 2019 Snow Event

The City of Prescott has received reimbursement expenses of $258,059.21, for costs incurred during the unseasonably harsh winter of 2019.   During that year, which included a snow event of between 30 and 40 inches of snow, the City experienced extraordinary costs related to snow removal.   

The City of Prescott filed a Declaration of Need to seek cost recovery, from the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (AZDEMA), for some of the expenses incurred.   

The reimbursement equates to approximately 65% of the Category A expenses tied primarily to the February 21-22 storm of 2019, with a further 10% held in reserve pending final auditing by the State.

A second filing of a much lesser amount is still being considered, and is anticipated to be determined very soon.

“I would like to thank Fire Chief Dennis Light and his team, for undertaking this process of applying to AZDEMA, and all of the staff who worked in a supportive role to  make sure that information was tracked and reported accurately,” said City Manager Michael Lamar.  “These events created a significant burden on the City’s general fund, and we are pleased to have the ability to recoup some of these expenses.”