City of Prescott Receives Clean Water Project of the Year Award

The Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona (WIFA) selected the City of Prescott to receive WIFA's 2014 Clean Water Project of the Year award. WIFA presented the award during the City of Prescott Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 24, 2015.

Henry Hash, Director of Public Works for the City of Prescott accepted the award and thanked all those who helped make this award possible, including the Mayor, Council and City Manager. From WIFA, he thanked Trish Incognito, CFO, and Sara Conrad, Environmental Program Supervisor. Other City of Prescott employees Hash thanked included Finance Director Mark Woodfill, Accounting Services Manager Melissa Busby, IT Director Nate Keegan, and from Water Works Engineering John Matta, Matt Bryant and Joe Berman. Hash also thanked Scott Gregorio, Jeff Low, Craig Dotseth, Teresa Ogle, Steve Orosz, Jimmie Headley and Orin Culp from Public Works, and Matt Brown from PCL-Fann Environmental and Carl Heerup from Heerup Engineering.

The 2014 Clean Water Project of the Year was for the Airport Water Reclamation Facility Expansion, a $42 million infrastructure project to expand treatment capacity to accommodate current and near-term needs of the community. Prior to the upgrade, the facility's technology and design limited the Prescott's ability to support a higher level of treatment and capacity. The expansion and renovation project began in November 2012 and was recently brought online. The City of Prescott now has the ability to treat increased future wastewater flows and produce more Class A+ reclaimed water.

The WIFA Board of Directors selected the project for award based on Prescott's focus on fiscal sustainability, exceptional project management, and commitment to improving Arizona's quality of life through wastewater infrastructure upgrades.

"Treating wastewater to a Class A+ level allows for Prescott to reuse the water for beneficial purposes, such as irrigating sports fields, golf courses, and commercial landscapes, restoring riparian habitats and recharging groundwater aquifers," said WIFA Board Chairman Henry Darwin, who is also Director of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. "The City of Prescott is to be commended for successfully completing this project, which protects water quality for Arizonans."

Planning for such an extensive and important project involved anticipating system users' future needs and demands, as well as setting user rates appropriately. This foresight and planning allowed Prescott to complete this essential infrastructure improvement project effectively and efficiently.

"City of Prescott staff was exceptionally well-organized and managed this massive project with impressive skill," said WIFA Executive Director, Sandy Sutton. "We are very pleased to acknowledge their achievements and hard work with this award."

WIFA is a state agency dedicated to protecting public health and promoting environmental quality through financial assistance for water and wastewater infrastructure. WIFA offers funding for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater projects designed to ensure safe, reliable drinking water and proper wastewater treatment. Over the last 25 years, WIFA has invested over $2 billion in Arizona's communities.

For more information, please visit WIFA's website.