City of Prescott Prepares for Series of Winter Storms

The City of Prescott Street Maintenance Division is currently preparing equipment and personnel for a series of storms forecast to impact the area over the next several days.  These storms are significantly colder than last week’s storms, and are expected to produce more precipitation, mostly in the form of snow. According to forecasters, this storm could produce as much as 12 inches of snow by early Wednesday, and may produce snow through New Year’s Day.

This series of systems is forecast to bring low temperatures down into the mid to low 20s. This will produce icy roadways and extremely hazardous winter driving conditions.  If you must travel, please do so with caution, leaving plenty of extra time to drive, and lots of room for breaking as you approach intersections and other traffic.

Here are some other suggestions for the coming winter weather.

  • Be cautious of the snowplows. Stay at least 100 feet behind the plows and do not pass them. This makes it easier for them to see you which makes it safer for you and them.
  • Do not park your car on the street over night if possible.   This helps plow operators better navigate the narrower residential streets, prevents damage to personally owned vehicles as well as the plows and helps us to work more effectively.
  • Remember that sidewalks and driveways in front of your home or place of business are your responsibility to keep clear and safe. If you cannot safely clear your property, ask a neighbor or family member to help out.

Street Maintenance crews are dedicated to providing thesafest and most efficient plowing service City wide. This type of storm system can be very challenging for both residents and snow crews. Please travel only if you must, using extreme caution if you do. Be mindful of the plow trucks. Have plenty of food, water, and medications on hand.

For snow removal updates twice daily, go to the City of Prescott Facebook Page, or on Instagram at CityofPrescottAZ.