City of Prescott Mayor Rescinds Proclamation of Emergency

Series of Storms Dumped 20+ Inches in Downtown Prescott
Snow removal will continue through next week

Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli today rescinded the Proclamation of Emergency, related to a series of snow storms  which took place in Prescott January 24-29.  The proclamation, which was in accordance with ARS 26-311, and allows for the City to seek reimbursement if and when a State or Federal Emergency or Disaster Declaration is made.  It also was designed to emphasize the urgency of the snow storm, and to urge motorists to stay off the roads.  It also empowered the City to take additional steps if needed to make streets safe during the storm.

Plow crews from the Streets division have been on the job since Sunday January 24, the start of the first of three storms.  Crews from the Recreation Services Department supplemented snow removal efforts with heavy equipment operations, and hand work on snow blowers and shovels. Local contractors were brought in to move the large piles of snow around the downtown and other areas, with support of Prescott Police Citizens on Patrol for traffic management.

Police and Fire Departments were fully staffed during the event, and responded to205 Fire/EMS and 340 Law Enforcement calls for service that resulted in an emergency response as of 5 p.m. on Friday. 

In a message to staff on Friday, the Mayor said, “I would like to express appreciation for your efforts during the recent series of storms — actually three in five days.  Thank you for your dedication, diligence and efforts.”

Snow removal and “mop up” operations will continue well into next week.  Snow plows are working to completely clear major streets and secondary streets, and will continue to do so through early next week.

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