City of Prescott Establishes Two Sign Free Zones

On January 22, 2019 the Prescott City Council unanimously approved a resolution creating two sign free zones in areas of the city well known for visitors and tourists in order to better protect the scenic and aesthetic appeal of Prescott’s most visited locations. Such action is allowed by state law under A.R.S. 16-1019(F), which permits cities to designate areas of the city as sign free zones, allowing cities to remove political signs that are placed in city right-of-way within those areas. The city still maintains the ability to remove all other types of signs from the city right-of-way.

It is important to note that this resolution will not affect the ability to place a-frame “sandwich board” signs on sidewalks in the Downtown Business District. It will also not affect the ability to place bus benches in city right-of-way or the city banner program. Signs will still be allowed on private property following proper guidelines found in city code. In the event that political and other signs are found in city right-of-way within these zones, the Neighborhood Services Division will remove the signs and contact the owners to reclaim them. The affected zones are found marked in yellow in the corresponding maps. If you have further questions, you may contact the Neighborhood Services Division at 928-777-1320.