City of Prescott Crews Filling Potholes from Recent Storm

Last week’s major snow event has left behind some uneven surfaces on many of our City streets. City of Prescott Streets crews are busy filling potholes and repairing other pavement damage caused by the accumulation and removal of all that snow.

As the snow that fell last week in Prescott and other areas continues to melt, the combination of freezing overnight temperatures and daytime thawing can damage the asphalt and cause potholes to pop up quickly.

The priority for City crews is to fill larger, deeper potholes as soon as possible.

When storms create potholes, City workers make initial temporary repairs as soon as possible with an asphalt mix that is placed in the damaged area and tamped down.

More permanent repairs may involve the use of a milling machine or removal of a section of pavement around a pothole in the future as weather permits.

Residents who want to pass along pothole or damaged pavement locations on city streets can notify City of Prescott by visiting our website at and clicking on Services & Safety then on Streets and Traffic.  Residents may also call our Street Maintenance Division at 928-777-1126.