City of Prescott 2025 General Plan Website Now Online

PRESCOTT, AZ (March 10, 2023) –  The City of Prescott 2025 General Plan website has been officially launched.  Here, Citizens can learn about the General Plan, receive updates on the progress of the General Plan, participate in surveys, and provide feedback on the progress of the plan.   

“Our goal is for this website to be a one stop resource for Prescott 2025 General Plan information,” said Interim Community Development Director Chelsea Walton. “We encourage citizens to review the information, to provide feedback and ask questions.” 

To view the site go to to find out where we are in the process, upcoming events, and to subscribe to an email list for updates.

Please email questions to

What Is A General Plan?

The City of Prescott General Plan is a policy guide and provides a vision of what the City will become in 10 years. To guide us into these potential futures, the Prescott General Plan provides: 

  • A collaborative community vision; 
  • A collection of goals and policies to achieve that vision; 
  • A tool for decision makers, developers, businesses, and citizens; and 
  • A framework for general planning. 

The current General Plan was adopted in 2015 and needs to be updated every 10 years. A reevaluation and calibration of goals and policies is necessary to ensure Prescott continues to grow in a sustainable way.