Whiskey Row Alley Revitalization

Whiskey Row Alley is part of Prescott’s iconic Western heritage, and speaks to our rough-and-tumble past. Since the late 1800’s Whiskey Row was filled with saloons, gambling halls and brothels.  The Row served cowboys, lawmen, miners, ranchers and maybe a few politicians and business men.  The alley was always the “back door”, a place to make a quick escape, possibly hide and who knows what else.

Alley North Entry Concept

Today, there is a movement to clean up the alley, and make it into a fun new public space. A part of this effort is to raise money for a mural and other artwork. The City has already begun cleaning up the alley, reducing dumpsters and looking at ways to clean up, light up and activate the space.  This is a partnership with the Prescott Downtown Partnership and the Prescott Steering Committee.

Night Life Concept

A key element of the activation of Whiskey Row Alley is a mural, scheduled for the eastern wall of 209 W. Gurley Street.  The wall is at the north entrance to Whiskey Row Alley, across from the back of Hotel St. Michael. The committee has selected Julie Hutchins to paint the mural on a 10×35’ backing, mounted on the building, so as not to impact the historic brick. Other artwork is planned to accompany this mural such as aged whiskey barrels at various points throughout the alley. Once enough money for the mural is raised, any additional dollars will go towards other artwork in the alley and potentially to the alley south of Goodwin Street.

Alley South Entry Concept

No tax dollars will be used to create the mural, so we are relying on your generosity to get the mural completed. This is a chance to help activate the iconic Whiskey Row Alley. Please click the link to donate to see more information on donation amounts and corresponding recognitions such as having your image in the mural to being recognized in the alley, and in media coverage of the mural.

Here is a rendering of the mural. While the rendering shows characters and landscapes in simple form, the final mural will have realistic people, animals, and landscapes.” Check out this website for some of the artist’s previous works: https://julzhutch.com/