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Zeitz is an historic city, dating back to the late 10th century. It is situated in east-central Germany, along the banks of the Weisse Elster River, renowned as an ideal location for its many vineyards. For nearly 600 years, Zeitz was known as a residence town of bishops when a number of architecturally significant buildings were constructed, among them the 500 year old Rathaus (city hall), the Church of St. Michael, the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul and the recently restored Franciscan Monastery, where Martin Luther spoke in 1542. Zeitz has approximately 40,000 inhabitants, similar in size to Prescott.

Zeitz is rich in arts and culture, dating back from its first mention in 967 to the present. Among the cultural treasures are the Martin Luther Library & Museum, the Mortizburg Castle, the “Old Market Place” and the Bavarian Beerhouse.

Zeitz enjoys a history rich in industrial development, including a historic baby carriage factory, chemical and mining industries, wine production and one of the largest sugar beet factories in Europe with its affiliated bioethanol fuel production facility.


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