Caborca, Mexico


Heroica Caborca is approximately 330 miles from Prescott, about 96 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border, and is located in a valley floor 940 feet above sea level in the state of Sonora. Its hot summers and cool winters average 72 degrees.

The present Caborca is a new city re-built in 1869, after the surging waters of the Asuncion River almost destroyed the old pueblo in 1867.

Caborca is a modern city of some 35,000 people with more than 125,000 in the immediate area. It is governed by a mayor and eight council members.

Caborca is an agricultural and ranching area of Sonora. Local industries include asparagus farms and packing facilities, the growing of dates, raisins, apricots, watermelons and the production of olive oil. They have a large mining operation ranking first in the world for silver and second for gold. There is a hospital, several secondary schools and two private universities.

Some of the local service organizations include: the Chamber of Commerce, Lions, Masons, Kiwanis Rotary International, 20-30 Club, Business and Professional Women’s Club, the Cattlemen’s Association, and the Farmers’ Association.


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The Prescott-Caborca Sister City Association meets at 10:30 am on the second Thursday of every month (except for December when we hold a Christmas party). Because of COVID, we have been meeting virtually via Zoom. If you would like an invitation to one of our Zoom meetings, please contact our chairman Noel DeSousa at It is hoped that live meetings will resume shortly as meeting restrictions are lifted.

Upcoming Meetings

May 13, 202110:30 meeting at Goldwater Lake’s Lakeview Ramada
June 10, 202110:30 Zoom meeting
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Aug. 12, 20215 pm Annual Picnic at Goldwater Lake, Lakeview Ramada
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Dec. 5, 2021Christmas Party

Upcoming Special Activities

Aug. 12, 20215 pm Annual Picnic at Goldwater Lake, Lakeview Ramada


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