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The City of Prescott hosts a Citizen’s Academy that serves residents by exposing them to city departments and operations. The program is intended to provide participants with insights into how local government works, promote open lines of communication, and offer a clearer understanding of how city services affect the everyday lives of its citizenry. Participants will interact with city elected officials, city leadership, and other citizens in this interactive and informative course. By the end of the course participants should have an increased understanding of the organizational structure and operation of the various city departments that impact their quality of life in the City of Prescott.

The Citizen’s Academy is offered at no charge and is open to anyone living in Prescott who is 18 years old or older. The class is designed for up to 25 participants and registration is on a first come, first serve basis. The Academy is not a platform to bring complaints or to debate issues but rather a place to become informed, ask questions, and learn.

Interested citizens may submit their application year-round and will be automatically registered for the next available academy. If vacancies open in the upcoming academy, they will be filled by applications according to the date they were submitted.

Citizen’s Academy Application

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