Historic Preservation



  • Historic Preservation Specialist
  • 201 S Cortez St

  • 928-777-1142

Purpose of Prescott’s Preservation Program

The purpose of Prescott’s Preservation Program is to:

  • -increase public awareness of the City’s origin, development and historic significance
  • -conserve, protect and preserve the unique qualities and distinctive historic characteristics of the community
  • -facilitate restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures, landscape features and other culturally significant physical objects and geographic areas.

When Do I Need a Review by the Preservation Commission?

Owners of properties located in a Local Historic District (see map here)
must go before the Prescott Preservation Commission for any work requiring a permit.

If you are only located in a National Register District (see map here),
work requiring a permit is reviewed administratively by the Historic Preservation Specialist.

Financial Incentives for Historic Properties

To encourage historic preservation, incentives are offered, through City, State and Federal programs for City Preservation Districts and National Register of Historic Places/Properties: Incentives include:

Historic Preservation Publications

The following documents are available at the Community Development Department. Charges may apply for some documents.