2023 Election Reports



  • City Clerk
  • 201 N Montezuma St

  • 928-777-1437

2023 Candidates

Finance Report Data for 2023

NameStmnt of InterestStmnt of Org.Nomination Paper/Declaration of Qualification2022 4th Quarter Report2023 1st Quarter Report2023 2nd Quarter ReportAugust Pre-Election Report2023 3rd Quarter ReportNovember Pre-Election Report2023 4th Quarter Report
Phil GoodeLinkLinkLinkLinkLink
Connie CantelmeLinkLinkLinkLink
Cathey RusingLinkLinkLinkLinkLink
Chadwick DeVriesLinkLinkLinkLink
Lois FruhwirthLinkLinkLinkLink
Ted GambogiLinkLinkLinkLink
Tony HamerLinkLinkLinkLink