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If you are interested in applying for City of Prescott Boards, Commissions or Committees:
A Note to Interested Applicants:

The City of Prescott is fortunate to have an involved resident base that is reflected in our active Boards, Commissions and Committees. On an annual basis the City Clerk’s Office conducts recruitment for vacant seats on each board. To submit an application, please complete the City of Prescott BCC Application below and email to the City Clerk’s Office or file in person at 201 S. Cortez Street. All submitted applications will be reviewed by the Council Subcommittee on Appointments in order for a recommendation to be made by the Subcommittee to City Council. If you are recommended and appointed by the City Council to a Board, Commission or Committee a background investigation will be required. The City Clerk’s Office will follow up with necessary information as required.

All submitted applications are kept on file for a period of one year. If any vacancies on the Boards, Committees or Commissions you selected on your application become available during this period then your application will be considered for the position.

Feel free to contact the City Clerk’s Office for additional information regarding Boards, Commissions and Committees at (928) 777-1437.



Industrial Development Authority Vacancies

How Many Term Prescott Resident
503/2023-03/20025 (3 seats) & 03/2023-03/2025 (2 short-term seats to fill resignation vacancy)Yes

Library Advisory Board Vacancies

How Many Term Prescott Resident
103/2023-03/2024 (short-term to fill resignation vacancy)No

There are no vacancies for the following boards and committees: