Active Groups

Advisory groups, boards, commissions and committees provide opportunities for citizens to take an active role in city government. Members are appointed by the Mayor and/or City Council. If you are interested in serving on a City of Prescott board, commission or committee, please complete the fillable application below and either mail or bring to City Hall. For more information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 928-777-1272.

Agendas of the advisory groups, boards, commissions and committees are posted in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes. Those groups meeting on a regular basis will be posted under their specific heading. The remaining groups will be posted under “Other Meetings”.

The City of Prescott Abides by the Open Meeting Law

Boards, Committees, and Commissions Open Meeting Law Training

THE CITY OF PRESCOTT ENDEAVORS TO MAKE ALL PUBLIC MEETINGS ACCESSIBLE TO PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES. With 48 hours advanced notice, special assistance can be provided for sight and/or hearing-impaired persons at this meeting. Reasonable accommodations will be made upon request for persons with disabilities or non-English speaking residents. Please call the City Clerk (928) 777-1272 to request an accommodation to participate in this public meeting. Prescott TDD number is (928) 445-6811.

Boards, Commissions, and Committees List

Acker Trust Board
Airport Advisory Committee
Art in Public Places Committee
Board of Adjustment
Building Safety Advisory and Appeals Board
Citizens Advisory Committee - CDBG
Council Subcommittee for Appointments
Council Subcommittee for Water Issues
Fire Board of Appeals
Floodplain Board
Industrial Development Authority
Library Advisory Board
Mayor's Commission - Airport Terminal Art
Mayor's Commission on ECHO
Mayor's Commission on FOPU
Mayor's Veterans Commission
Mayor’s Commission on Water & Sewer Connections
Mayor’s Commission on Well-Being
Municipal Property Corporation
Parks and Recreation Board
Pedestrian, Bicycle and Traffic Advisory Committee
Planning & Zoning Commission
Prescott Preservation Commission
Public Safety Retirement Board - Fire
Public Safety Retirement Board - Police
Public Safety Retirement Joint Board (Fire and Police)
Tourism Advisory Committee
Youth Advisory Board



  • City Clerk
  • Sarah Siep
  • City Clerk
  • City Hall

    201 S Cortez St

  • 928-777-1272


  • No, BCC members should not distribute announcements or other informational materials to other committee members via e-mail, “snail mail”, or phone.  Such material should go directly to the support staff for distribution.  To avoid violations of the open meeting law, committee members should avoid any action or discussion on potential committee-related topics outside of an official meeting.

  • If any member is absent for more than two (2) consecutive meetings without notifying the Chairperson or is absent for more than thirty percent (30%) of all meetings during any one twelve-month period for any reason, he or she will automatically cease to hold membership on the committee without any further action being taken by the City Council.  It is the responsibility of the Chairperson of the BCC to notify the City Council immediately upon the creation of a vacancy.

  • The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are selected by the City Council.  The Chairperson generally approves the agendas, presides over and keeps the order of the meetings, and acts as the spokesperson for the particular BCC.

  • The Open Meeting Law requires a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the meeting start time, however 2-5 days prior to the meeting is preferable.

  • City of Prescott Boards, Commissions, and Committees (BCC) are public bodies that have been created by the Mayor or Council for specific purposes.  BCC’s provide advice to the governing body by working with City staff to facilitate studies, gather public input, and assemble appropriate information for presentations to the Mayor and Council to assist in their decision making process.

  • Upon absence of the Chairperson, those duties are assumed by the Vice Chairperson.

  • Meetings will commence upon discretion of the Chairperson.  As a general rule, it would be appropriate to allow 15 minutes for late arrivals if waiting for a quorum to assemble.

  • Ex-officio members are usually City staff assigned to carry out administrative functions of the BCC and may act as a liaison to City management.  Ex-officio members may participate in discussions as much as permissible by the Chair, but they may not count towards a quorum nor cast any votes.

  • Term of office is dependent on which Board, Commission or Committee members are serving on. Please see individual board pages for additional information.

  • The Chairperson may call for votes to be taken by voice vote or by roll call.  If there are any questions as to the outcome of a voice vote, the BCC shall take a roll call vote for clarification.

  • Members of all BCC’s are volunteers and serve without compensation.


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