City Council Workshop Meeting

Tuesday, November 17 at 9:30 a.m.

The City of Prescott will hold a Workshop Meeting on Tuesday, November 17th to receive a presentation from Applied Economics, LLC regarding the proposed AED Annexation cost-benefit analysis.   Staff will also discuss and the public comments received during the 60-day public comment period as they relate to the proposed AED Annexations and the North & South area Master Plans. To date, AED has not submitted a draft Development Agreement to the City of Prescott and therefore, this matter will not be discussed at the Workshop Meeting. However, once received there will be time for public review and a future public meeting will be held to discuss the specifics of the Development Agreement.

The meeting will begin at 9:30 am. In the City’s ongoing efforts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, in person attendance will be limited to thirty (30) in Council Chambers, due to social distancing measures, however members of the public may view the meeting on Channel 64, Facebook Live, through the city’s website or participate via Zoom.  

  1. Public may view the meeting remotely via the City Website, City Facebook Page, public access channel, Channel 64.
    1. To participate via Zoom, please register in advance at the following link: City Council Zoom Webinar Link
    1. Following staff’s presentation and Council discussion, the floor will be opened and public comment taken in the following order (in the order received by staff):
      1. Comments received through the website Comment Card Submission Form: Speaker Request Form Link
      1. Comments from in person audience
      1. Comments from participants via Zoom
  2. The Mayor will limit comments to a maximum of 2 minutes and requests that members of the public only comment if they are contributing new information & comments.