City Council Will Postpone Vote on Serving Water Outside of City Limits

All other parts of new water policy will be considered on November 12

The Prescott City Council will delay consideration of part of the proposed water policy.  When City Council meets on Tuesday November 12, they will review the new proposed water policy, which has been in the works since June.  However, the Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem have decided that Council will hold off on consideration of a key aspect of the policy, which is to allow the City to consider applications for water service outside of City Limits.

Mayor Greg Mengarelli said that it makes sense to take more time for public input and discussion.  “The current Council and staff have been working to revise our antiquated water policy for most of this past year,” he said.  “There have been six Study Sessions, and four public meetings, and all information has been posted on the City website.   Despite all of this, we are hearing from citizens who are just learning about this, and want Council to take more time. Let me be clear: City leadership believes that providing water outside of City limits makes sense, and actually will result in better conservation of our water resources,” said Mayor Mengarelli.  “However, this is a complex matter, and we want to make sure we get it right for the citizens of Prescott,” said Mayor Mengarelli.

The Mayor also pointed out that there will be a Regional Water Summit on November 14, bringing together representatives from the State, County and local governments to discuss the City’s new policy, and how to move forward to bring the Prescott Active Management Area (AMA) into safe yield by 2025.  The Water Summit will take place on Thursday, November 14 at 1 p.m. at the Centennial Center, 1989 Wineglass Dive, near the airport. The public is invited to this meeting.

The full agenda for November 12 will be available for public review on or around Friday, November 8.  Information about the proposed water policy, and results of all related public meetings can be found at .