Changes discourage towers in neighborhoods and incentivize building in commercial and industrial districts

On Tuesday, April 13, at a 1 p.m. study session,  Prescott City Council will review proposed changes to the Land Development  Code that would discourage building of cell towers in residential areas, while incentivizing construction in commercial districts.  The proposed changes include other provisions designed to minimize impact on residential areas, and reduce number of new towers by stating intent for co-location (sharing) of towers wherever possible.

According to Community Development Director Bryn Stotler, the Council will review language that was developed and approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission over the course of three public meetings between February and March, culminating with a meeting on March 11.  The proposed language incorporates the following items into the Wireless Facilities (cell tower) code in the City’s Land Development Code:

  • Mandatory stealth/concealment of towers;
  • Mandatory concrete block enclosure around any ground equipment; and
  • Stated intent for co-location rather than individual new tower sites.

As a part of the amendments, the City also incentivized placement of new towers in commercial and industrial zones by allowing an additional height allowance, above what the district allows.

“The goal of the changes is to minimize impacts and discourage new cell tower sites in residential areas,” said Stotler.  “We are also encouraging companies to share towers, and to build them in commercial and industrial areas whenever possible.”

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