City Continues to Work with Prescott Frontier Days on Rodeo Grounds Enhancements

The City and Prescott Frontier Days (PFD) are continuing to work collaboratively on developing improvements to the infrastructure, a rezoning of the site and plan that addresses neighborhood concerns to provide opportunities to expand program offerings at the facility.  The review process will feature ample opportunity for public input, over a time frame of several months.

City Manager Katie Gregory said that the review process will be transparent and inclusive, and will take into account PFD’s desire to bring facilities up to date, and enhance fan experience, while balancing community concerns.  “Council has responded to the public concerns by requiring a series of public meetings and increasing the comment period prior to City Council’s consideration of the zoning and site plan.  We will continue to work with Prescott Frontier Days to ensure a smooth an orderly public process for the master plan improvements.”

Prescott Frontier Days President Ron Owsley said that there is a great deal of preparation to be done prior to a formal submission, but he expects to submit something to the City this fall. “We look forward to starting this process,” he said. “We hope to have a formal submission to the city during the third quarter of this year,” he said.  The entire review process is expected to take between seven and nine months following submission.

In the meantime, residents may stay informed about the Master Plan progress by visiting the 1888 Buckle Club site