Charter Amendments – Prop 461 thru Prop 473
Arguments for and against due August 4

Arguments for and against the proposed City Charter Amendments that will appear on the November 7th General Election ballot are due to the City Clerk’s Office by August 4th. 

At their June 27, 2023 Voting Meeting, Council adopted Ordinance No. 2023-1833 and Resolution No. 2023-1852, placing Propositions 461 through Prop 473 Proposed Charter Amendments on the November 7th General Election ballot. 

Arguments for and against each of these Propositions will be accepted by the City Clerk’s Office July 1st through August 4th in person or via mail to 201 South Montezuma Street, Suite 302 Prescott, Arizona, 86301. Submitted arguments shall not exceed three hundred (300) words in length; shall be accompanied by a $100.00 per argument deposit; shall include the signature(s) of those providing the argument(s); a copy of the argument must be submitted in electronic format; must include an address and phone number for the person submitting the argument (this information will not appear in the publicity pamphlet). 

Each referred Charter Amendment Proposition will be voted on separately on your ballot. A “YES” vote would have the effect of amending a particular City Charter provision consistent with the referred language adopted by the City Council at the June 27th Voting Meeting. A “NO” vote will have the effect of leaving a particular City Charter provision the way it currently exists. Proposed Charter Amendments are available for review on the city website at: Elections Information. 

For additional information regarding the Charter Amendments or the 2023 Election, please visit the city website or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 928-777-1437.