Traffic Operations



  • Traffic Engineer
  • 433 N Virginia St

  • 928-777-1130
  • Traffic Signs – Field Operations personnel fabricate, install, repair, and maintain approximately 30,000 traffic control and street name signs in Prescott as well as provide support for special events. Certain types of signs are essential for public safety and are handled as emergencies and replaced within 24 hours. These would include Stop, Yield, Do-Not-Enter and One Way signs. To report a missing or damaged sign please contact us at (928)777-1126 during normal business hours or (928)445-3131 after hours.
  • Traffic Striping – Pavement striping in the City of Prescott is accomplished by contract every year during the spring and summer. Red curb requests and special striping modifications however can be made as needed by contacting us at (928)777-1130.
  • Traffic Signals – The Traffic Signal Crew is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City’s 51 traffic signals, interconnection wiring, 5 permanent traffic volume counting stations, and 335 historic district street light fixtures throughout Prescott. Maintenance and cleaning of traffic signals are scheduled regularly to help ensure safe and efficient operation. To report a malfunctioning traffic signal or street light, please contact us at (928)777-1130 during normal business hours or (928)708-2367 after hours.
  • Traffic Data collection and management – The Transportation Services Division also performs traffic engineering and field investigations for speed studies, traffic counts, traffic signal and stop warrant evaluations, collision statistics, school zones, traffic calming program, traffic safety education, visibility restrictions, construction traffic control and special event coordination.