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The City of Prescott initiated a planning process for bicycle and pedestrian transportation with the creation of the “Prescott Bicycle Advisory Committee” (PBAC) in April 1997. The work of this Committee has resulted in:

  • Oct. 1998 – Publishing of the City of Prescott Bicycle Planning Guide
  • Oct 2001 – PBAC along with the “Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Task Force”, Drake and Associates and City staff began the process to develop the Prescott Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • Oct 2003– The Plan received City Council approval by way of Resolution Number 3568.

Update to the Plan in 2009

The 2009 Plan Update reviews recent improvements, acknowledges missed opportunities and establishes a current list of recommendations.

The Plan addresses three equally important subjects:

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Peavine Trail/Road 39 Crossing Comments from the Public
Peavine Trail/Road 39 Crossing Decision Matrix
Peavine Trail/Road 39 Crossing Presentation (11.20.09)
Peavine Trail/Road 39 Crossing Presentation (9.24.09)
Peavine Trail/Road 39 Crossing Report
Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
Bicycle and Trail Facilities Map
Prescott Biking and Hiking Opportunity Map


  • Engineering
  • Ian Mattingly
  • Traffic Engineer
  • Public Works Building

    433 N Virginia St

  • 928-777-1130


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