Prescott North Strategic Assessment



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Prescott North includes the Prescott Municipal Airport, Deep Well Ranch and portions of AED North. The purpose of the Prescott North Planning effort is to develop land uses and planning strategies to ensure that this area develops in a manner that is self-sufficient, adds to the already high quality of life enjoyed by City of Prescott residents and visitors, contributes to the City’s economy, protects the operations of the airport and supports planned airport growth and development, and conserves important open spaces including Granite Creek and Bottleneck Wash.

Granite Creek is a jewel within Prescott. Connecting the downtown from north to south, this important environmental asset is being recognized with $1.5 million in investments to preserve the creek, enhance its natural environment and make it more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Providing more connections to Granite Creek from the downtown will contribute to the diversity of downtown experiences for residents and visitors. Historically, Granite Creek has flowed through the downtown disconnected from it. Recent downtown investments, such as the Hilton Garden Inn and Founding Fathers recognize Granite Creek as an amenity and offer visual and physical access to it. Other properties within the Granite Creek Corridor planning area, many of which were constructed prior to community recognition of Granite Creek as an amenity, are not designed or constructed to benefit from proximity to the creek or a creek side location.

The Granite Creek Corridor Plan is intended to:

  • Broaden downtown Prescott’s reputation a an historic landmark and entertainment center to include a unique recreation center that is connected to a rich riparian environment.
  • Connect downtown and Granite Creek, diversifying the range of downtown experiences available to Prescott residents and visitors.
  • Identify design and economic opportunities for the City and downtown landowners and merchants to benefit from a creek side location and proximity to Granite Creek.