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  • 201 S Cortez St

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Code Compliance is dedicated to protecting the public health, safety and welfare, while ensuring every citizen the right to a clean, enjoyable neighborhood by enforcing the City of Prescott’s codes and ordinances.

The City of Prescott strives to achieve voluntary compliance with City Codes through a process of notification and education, however, where voluntary compliance cannot be achieved, the the Neighborhood Services Division has procedures to address public nuisances including, but not limited to, removal of junk and rubbish, abatement of junk vehicles through civil enforcement procedures, criminal prosecution and civil penalties of up to $2500 per day.

Reporting Code Compliance, Vacation Rental, and Other Violations

Many people are not exactly sure what to do when they have a complaint regarding a possible violation. What we advise is to first talk with your neighbor or the property owner. Politely explain the situation and ask for their cooperation in resolving the problem.

If your good neighbor effort fails, you can use the online form, hotline or by phone to our office.

To file a complaint you can use the following options:

Online: Code Compliance Complaint Hotline Form

By Phone: 928-777-1320

After regular business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or weekends all calls will be returned within 1 to 2 business days.

Noise complaints: Call the non-emergency number for the Prescott Police Department:
(*Please call when the noise disturbance is happening)
By Phone: 928-445-3131

Animal complaints: Call the non-emergency number for the Prescott Police Department:
Animal Control: 928-777-1135
Barking Dog Hotline: 928-777-1364

Requesting information on a Property or to verify if complaints have been made on a property?

Please fill out a Public Records Request


View City Code

2012 Code Amendments

Structured Sober Living Homes

On July 1, 2019 the Arizona Department of Health Services took over the licensing and enforcement of sober living homes.

The City no longer licenses sober living homes as this is done through the Arizona Department of Health Services. Please follow this link to find more information: AZDHS Sober Living Homes.

File a Sober Living Home complaint