Airport Protect Pre Annexation



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The City of Prescott has been actively seeking to protect the Prescott Regional Airport operations by securing land around the facility and ensuring compatible uses with the current and possible future operations. Following Executive Session on Tuesday, May 23, Council voted 5-2 to enter into a pre-annexation agreement with Deep Well Ranch, for about 600 acres of land north of the airport, considered to be outside of the critical fly over zones. 

This agreement is part of good faith efforts in ongoing negotiations to explore options for compatible land uses around the airport. With the approval of this agreement, annexation is not guaranteed; it simply outlines the terms of annexation if it were to occur in the future. 

If an annexation is approved, the land will be developed in the newly annexed area instead of the closer areas. There would be no increases in the number of housing units allowed, or water use, beyond what was included in the original Deep Well Master Plan agreement approved in 2017. Rather, new housing units would be built in an area considered to be outside of the critical fly over zones.

Annexation of 250 acres of land or more requires a 60-day public comment period prior to a Council vote and is thoroughly considered by the Planning & Zoning Commission prior to City Council review. City Council is required to approve such annexations by three-fourths votes (6 of 7 councilmembers voting in the affirmative). This entire process typically takes up to 9 months. This pre annexation agreement contemplates that the City would begin the public notification process and receive input regarding annexation, but the City will only be considering annexation if doing so is part of a resolution with Deep Well Ranch that adequately ensures compatible uses near the airport. A map of the proposed area is linked below.

Map of Proposed Area PDF Download