Regular Liquor Licenses



  • City Clerk
  • 201 N Montezuma St

  • 928-777-1437

Application Process

The Regular Liquor License application process begins with the Arizona Department of Liquor License & Control (DLLC).

Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses & Control
800 West Washington, Fifth Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85007

    • After your application has been accepted by the DLLC they will send a copy of your application to the City of Prescott. The City Council has 60 days to make a recommendation of approval, disapproval, or no recommendation.
    • The City Clerk’s office will send the applicant a letter requesting a City non-refundable application processing fee which currently is $ 365.00 (amount adjusted every July per the CPI) and advising of the scheduled date for Council’s public hearing. The City requests to have the applicant or a representative attend the public hearing should Council have any questions.
    • Following receipt of the application processing fee, staff will post a liquor license application notice and a copy of the application at the business site to be left in place for 20 days prior to Council’s public hearing date.
    • Staff will advise following the Council’s public hearing when the notice can be removed.  
    • Following the Council’s recommendation decision the City Clerk will send the recommendation to the DLLC and they will make a final approval or denial regarding the application. Applicants will be contacted directly by the DLLC regarding issuance.

    City Council approved the elimination of the annual liquor license fee per City Ordinance 5050-1590 which was approved at the December 12, 2017 Council Meeting.

    If you have any additional questions please contact the City Clerk’s Office: 928-777-1437